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Ms. Fehr

Ursula Fehr

I was born and raised in Chicopee, Massachusetts. I went to the local community college for two years, and then transferred to Westfield State University where I got my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. I love traveling and experiencing new things, so I wanted to move Somewhere far away after I graduated. I've been drawn to Colorado for quite a while now,mostly for the mountains (although there are none around here), and I decided that this was the perfect time to make the move. I moved down here at the end of August and I was surprised at how friendly and accommodating everybody was! Teaching at Campo was the best decision I've ever made. I work with wicked supportive and helpful staff and the students are very welcoming and enthusiastic. Campo felt like home since the day I got here! Aside from teaching I also love to paint, listen to music, go camping, road trip, the beach, kayaking, snowboarding, and pretty much anything else art or outdoors related.