Campo School

"Only our best is good enough"

Vision Statement

Every student in our district will become self-confident, educated individuals who are comfortable with their strengths and weaknesses and use those to reach their full potential so when they leave the Campo School they are prepared to face a challenging future and be successful with their individual endeavors.

Mission Statement

At Campo School, we believe education is the responsibility of the student, home, school, and community. Our mission is to provide a safe environment for all students that promotes respect, responsibility and learning. We strive to create an atmosphere that harbors tolerance and an understanding of diversity using core values. Our goal is to promote an enthusiasm for learning through motivational teaching and technology. Data is the driving force behind all decisions that involve increasing student learning and achievement.

Contact Information

480 Maple Street, Campo, CO 81029

719-787-2226 Office - 719-787-0140 Fax