Junior Capstone

This course focuses on:

1) Preparing students for college and the workforce;

2) Investigating post high school career, college, and/or technical school options;

3) Building a personal portfolio of information and workplace relevant documents;

4) Designed to emphasize the importance of student interest, integration of acquired knowledge, and real world applications to any relevant culminating experience; and,

5) Investigation and application of the following aspects of 21st Century Skills and Themes:

a. Learning and Innovation Skills

*Communication and Collaboration

*Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

b. Information, Media and Technology Skills

*Information Literacy

*ICT (Information, Communications and Technology) Literacy

c. Life and Career Skills

*Flexibility and Adaptability

*Initiative and Self-Direction

*Social and Cross-Cultural Skills

*Productivity and Accountability

*Leadership and Responsibility

3 goals of the course:

1) Encourage students to think analytically, logically and creatively and to integrate experience and knowledge to solve a problem

2) Give students a chance to explore a topic in which they have a great interest

3) Offer students an opportunity to apply their learning in a “real world” way

Capstone project teaches and demonstrates many skills needed for college and career readiness including:

· Students will learn more about themselves by moving an idea or dream towards a topic of interest, specialization, community need, or career choice;

· Students will develop their leadership skills, sense of character, and self-esteem;

· Students will locate the right people (advisers and mentors) to help them and to link them with resources;

· Students will view society and the issues within a community in new ways;

· Students will demonstrate their abilities to apply what they have learned during their years of study;

· Students will synthesize previous learning; and,

· Students will explore their readiness for college and the workplace.

Skills to be practiced will include:

Ø Soft skills—personal qualities, habits, attitudes, and social behaviors that make an individual a good employee,

Ø Verbal/written communication skills,

Ø Leadership skills,

Ø Organization skills,

Ø Time management skills,

Ø Creative problem-solving skills,

Ø Technology skills,

Ø Teamwork skills,

Ø Curiosity and imagination skills,

Ø Following directions skills; and,

Ø Desire to learn skills.